Copperas Cove, Texas  - Harker Heights, Texas
Lone Star Car  Wash &
Twice The Ice
of Copperas Cove
Knight Rider Car Wash &
Twice The Ice
of Harker Heights
car wash in Copperas Cove, Texas                 car wash in Harker Heights, Texas  
You participate in water conservation efforts every time you wash your car with us. Both locations have practiced water conservation every day since 1998. Plus, our soaps and polishes are biodegradable. We also have special drains that trap pollutants, protecting our lakes, rivers, and streams.

Twice The Ice dispenses 
crystal clear bagged Ice,
but our Ice is also Green! 
Our Ice and Water machines 
(at both locations) 
make and store 1,000's of pounds of fresh ice every day, onsite. No fossil fuel was burned during the production of our delicious, crunchy Ice. Our ice is never hauled in big diesel trucks that burn pollutants into the atmosphere. The same goes for our fresh, filtered water.
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